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V-Kool Black

V-KOOL Black

Breaking away from conventions, the V-KOOL Black Label series is an advanced metal matrix composite (MMC), engineered to deliver high performance dark tints for automotive sidelite and rear windscreen application. It is yet another unprecedented dark tint range manufactured under precision engineering and incorporated with climate control technology.


The V-KOOL Black Label series is a multi-layered MMC stack, which consists of a titanium composite material coupled with a metallic alloy, both sputtered onto top grade PET substrate. The MMC material derived from this titanium composite-metallic alloy combination results in a fusion of high performance materials that improve properties in automotive application in terms of fatigue or wear resistance, thermal conductivity, engine efficiency and others.

MMC is nearly always more premium and value-for-money than the more conventional materials they are replacing. In many instances, MMC using such titanium composite material have been shown to provide a performance advantage over a monolithic metal. Its applications are also found in space systems and high-end or "boutique" sports equipment.


  • No Mirror Effect
  • Advanced Metal Matrix Composite
  • Patent Pending
  • Extreme Durability
  • Thermal Protection
  • Good Heat Rejecting Performance
  • Iridescence Controlled
  • No fading
  • Exquisite Black Color Tone
  • Easy To Install


X05 (Black)
Visible Light Transmission 6%
Visible Light Reflectance 11%
Ultra-violet Rejection 99%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 69%
Total Solar Energy Transmission 12%
Shading Coefficient 0.38